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This delicate and enchanting piece captures the essence of nature's grace, making it a perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Handcrafted with precision, this antique bronze necklace is a symbol of timeless elegance, bringing a touch of nature's delicate allure to your everyday look.


Embrace the enchantment of this single rose petal accompanied by Queen Anne's Lace in this uniquely crafted teardrop pendant that effortlessly combines sophistication and natural charm.


Chain Type: 2mm stainless steel

Chain Length: 18" or 20"

Necklace - Bronze Teardrop / Rose Petals with Queen Anne's Lace

Out of Stock
  • Tips on extending the life of your new jewels:

    • Resin can scratch, be gentle
    • When traveling, store in a soft pouch or case

    • Wear in the shower
    • Leave in the sun or cold for an extended period of time

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